ABIGEM DM organizes reimbursement aided trainings in economics and trade matters in order to increase export capacity of the companies in the region. Training subjects include theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, equipment and operation for obtaining insights about trade and economics.

70% of expenses related to training are supported on the following issues: - Regulations about The European Union and The World Trade Organization - Settlement of disputes in international trade and international arbitration - Foreign trade finance and foreign trade accounting - Pricing in foreign trade - Foreign trade, customs and foreign exchange regulations - Documents used in foreign trade and payment methods - Foreign trade contract management and delivery methods - Supply chain management and logistics - International marketing and electronic trade - Innovation and clusters

İŞKUR’s Employment Guaranteed Trainings

ABIGEM DM organizes vocational trainings for blue collar staff when a company is in need of a qualified employee and mentors the companies on getting governmental support for these vocational trainings. When the trained participants are employed by the company, their social security Institution fee will be paid (excluding the employer's share) by government for 4 years.

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